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The longest-established composite materials supplier of Turkey since 1949
İzmir 1949, composites 1949

İzmir International Trade Park - 1949

GRP composites, so called fiberglass were introduced to automotive and boat building industries and started to became popular in the year of 1949, the starting point of some new lifestyles and various development.

Keeping an eye on the emerging developments in composites industry, Haydar Yücel the founder of Yücel Group started to trade in 1949 in Izmir, the international trade center of Turkey in those days

Simply "friend" of the composites manufacturers

We supply all materials and equipment for composites manufacturers of all markets just on time with the support of Yücel Kompozit’s marketing experts.

Yücel Kompozit gathers outstanding product range of top brands under a single roof.

ProductsCategories and details

Yücel Kompozit, polyester resin

Polyester and vinylester resins

All resins for either general GRP applications i.e. hand lay-up, cast, cold & hot press, pultrusion, filament winding or special use

Yücel Kompozit, gelcoat, Gelcoated surface, decopan transport


Wide product range from general purpose gelcoats to eco-friendly, high performance, flame retardent and chemical resistant products with custom color options

GRP mold release agent, polyester release agent

Mold release agents, mold systems

Solid and spray waxes, liquid release agents, special products for mold preparation

pigment paste, opaque pigment paste, transparent pigment paste

Pigment pastes

Opaque, transparent, high performance, metallic, pearlescent, custom RAL® and Pantone® options

GRP reinforcement materials, composite mat, fiberglass mat, metyx reinforcement

Reinforcement materials

Glass fiber, mats, strands, chopped products, roving products, vacum products, surface tissues, etc.

composite adhesive paste, composite bonding paste, fiber reinforced bonding paste, rigid adhesive paste


General purpose, flexible, high-performance and fiber reinforced bonding pastes for all kinds of applications in various industries i.e. marine, commercial vehicle, wind turbine, wall cladding

composite promoter, composite accelerator, composite hardener, composite catalyst, composite additive, cobalt octoate

Promoters, hardeners and additives

Accelerators, catalysts for room temperature and above, additives

composite thinner, composite cleaning solvent, composite monomer, composite polyurethane

Thinners, cleaning solvents

Thinners, monomers, cleaning solvents, polyurethanes

composite granite effect, micronized filler, composite powder pigment, titanium dioxide, carbon black

Fillers, special effects and pigment powders

Single solid colored and multi colored granite and natural stone effects, gold and silver effects, micronized mineral fillers as calcite, dolomite, talc, powder pigments

composite brush, post roller, composite aluminium roller, smooth roller, corner roller, composite application material

Application tools

Brushes, plastic and castermid wedges, post rollers, aluminium and plastic rollers, full range of composite application tools

Magnum Venus Products, composite pumps

Machinery & equipment

Magnum Venus Products®

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